Man suspected of raping, trying to prostitute Orthodox girl

Man arrested on suspicio

A 22-year-old man from Ramat Gan was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of raping and attempting to prostitute a 17-year-old Orthodox girl he met online. The arrest was made after the girl filed a police complaint, and described how her ex-boyfriend would allegedly beat, threaten, and rape her, while attempting to force her to have sex with other men for money. According to the girl, the suspect became physically and verbally abusive as the couple headed for a break-up, and the man threatened to spread false rumors of outrageous acts among the Orthodox community from which the girl hails. The man allegedly threatened to tell the girl's parents of their relationship each time she expressed an interest in ending it. In the last incident, which prompted the girl to turn to police, the suspect allegedly forced her to accompany him to Tel Aviv's central bus station, where he had sexual intercourse with her, and then left her standing naked. The girl phoned her father for assistance, and the two drove to a police station to file a complaint.