Mashaal: Fatah, Hamas consult over national unity gov't

Palestinians are attempting to breach the gap between factions by forming a "government of national accord," Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said on Thursday.
In a preview of Mashaal's interview in Doha with BBC's Stephen Sackur, the Hamas chief hailed the preparations that were being made for presidential and parliamentary elections.
"We are consulting about forming a government of national accord. Preparations for presidential, parliamentary and executive council elections are under way. We are reinvigorating the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and organizing its meetings until new national council and executive committee are elected," Mashaal stated.
When questioned over the crisis in Syria, the Hamas leader said Syrian President Bashar Assad still supports Hamas, but the party had been forced out of Damascus because it disagreed with how Assad was dealing with the conflict.
"There is no doubt that we have disagreed with the Syrian regime on the manner with which they managed the crisis, and their resorting to the security-military option," he told HARDtalk.
"The massacre taking place in Syria pains us very much. We were forced to leave Damascus even though the regime used to support us. We also had differences with Iran on what goes on in Syria."