Masorti Movement: Struggle over mehadrin bus lines not over

The Masorti (conservative) Movement on Thursday criticized the Supreme Court's decision to approve gender-segregated buses "according to free will," saying: "The court determined a few important principles in its ruling, but the struggle is sadly not over."
The movement's CEO Yizhar Hess said in a statement: “Once and for all, the deceptive veil must be torn off the prevalent claim in favor of respecting the phenomenon of excluding women from the public sphere, in the name of a religious lifestyle, that chooses to make women invisible to men, lest they should cause those males sinful thoughts.”
“The mehadrin lines were conceived in sin. It is important to remember that the 'separate but equal' equation is usually refuted, since the side that pays the price is the weak one. Not only women are excluded in the mehadrin lines,” the statement said. “It is human dignity that diminishes.”
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