Meridor: US considered weakened in international community

The United States' leadership role within the international community is being threatened, Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor said Thursday in an interview with Army Radio. "The United States is perceived as a weakened country. Others don't believe that it can provide the type of defense and security that is required of it."
Referencing the ongoing Iranian nuclear pursuit, Meridor added that "if, in the end, Iran ends up becoming a nuclear power, that scenario will say something not only about Iran. It will also tell us a lot about the United States' international standing, particularly within the Arab world where they are asking the US to stop Tehran."
Speaking about the level of coordination between Israel and the United states on Iran's nuclear program, Meridor said that though they share a common goal, "Israel is waging one campaign while the United States is waging a completely different one."
Meridor added that "the White House is not giving credence to the Israeli concern [on Iran]. Their actions reflect their own self interests."
Meridor stated that it is imperative that "international pressure on Iran continues until the country realizes that the price that it is paying [in persuit of its nuclear agenda] is too high."