Meseznikov: Gov't is ignoring Trajtenberg recommendation

The government is ignoring the plight of the middle class by refusing to discuss a Trajtenberg Committee for social change recommendation on education, Tourism Minister Stas Meseznikov said on Monday.
According to Meseznikov, the agenda for Tuesday's ministerial meeting does not include Israel Beiteinu's demand to reinstate a Trajtenberg Committee-recommended condition for parents to be employed in order to receive subsidies for education and daycare for children aged three to nine. Last week, the tourism minister slammed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for removing the requirement.
"Israel Beiteinu has become the watchdog of Israel's productive middle class, and insists that the criterion of employment be the minimal requirement for receiving aid from the state," Meseznikov said, adding that the party demands the same condition for affordable housing.
The tourism minister asked if the government "still has not internalized the demand for social justice, and continues policies in which those who contribute do not receive anything."