Mexico and U.S. plan to join forces against drug cartels

CHICAGO - A new joint strategy to combat transnational Mexican drug cartels is expected to be announced by the US Drug Enforcement Administration and Mexican authorities, a DEA official said.
Details of the plan will be made at a joint news conference in Chicago on Wednesday afternoon, the official said. He noted representatives from Mexico's current government would be present but did not name them.
Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a left-leaning nationalist, has vowed to shake up Mexico's war on drug cartels after he takes power in December. He wants to rewrite the rules, aides have said, suggesting negotiated peace and amnesties rather than a hardline strategy that critics say has only perpetuated violence.
However, a change of direction without the United States could increase friction between the neighbors, who have been often at loggerheads since Donald Trump became U.S. president.