Hazan submits bill empowering party with most mandates to form government

MK Oren Hazan (MK) submitted a bill to amend Israel's Basic Law - The Government Thursday, imposing the task of forming the government automatically on the party that received most of the mandates in the election. The current electoral system gives the President of Israel leeway in recommending a party to form a governing coalition, but not necessarily the one that received the most votes.
"Today there is an absurd and puzzling situation in Israeli democracy," Hazan said, "that the decision of the most important thing in the elections, the formation of the government, ultimately rests on one person only and not on the electorate."
"For many years, in one critical moment, we completely abolish democracy and the rule of the people who choose their elected officials in the State of Israel," Hazan added. "The decision to form the government has long turned into a political maneuver and a tool for personal interest instead of being a reflection of the will of the electorate, the will of the majority of the people."
While Israel does not have a written constitution, the country's Basic Laws, passed by the Knesset, have constitutional authority.