MK Oren Chazan lightly injured in a car accident

MK Oren Hazan was lightly injured on Thursday when a car collided with his car near Modiin. As a result of the accident, Hazan suffered from injuries in his back and leg, and was evacuated to Assaf Harofeh Hospital.
"When we arrived, we saw MK Oren Chazan sitting in the car, fully conscious and suffering from bruises on his back and leg. After an initial treatment, we evacuated him to the hospital."
In a conversation with Ma'ariv, Hazan elaborated on the incident: "It was painful, but I'm fine, we drove on Route Six and crashed into us - maybe he was busy with his phone.
In the past, a Knesset member's driver's license was revoked for a period of 30 days, after he was caught driving a speed of 142 kilometers per hour on the Arava road.