MPs at Lebanon Future Movement rally blast Assad, Hezbollah

Thousands of supporters of the Lebanese opposition Future Movement party - headed by former prime minister Saad Hariri - rallied in Tripoli Sunday to denounce the Syrian regime and Hezbollah's militant grip on the country.
MP Fouad Siniora addressed the crowd gathered in the city's Rasheed Karami's international stadium, expressing solidarity with anti-government protesters in Syria who have battled a bloody crackdown by Syrian security forces for the past eight months.
"The Syrian people are the ones who make change in Syria and no one else. Heroes of the Syrian revolution are more aware of their country," Siniora according to Lebanese English language newspaper the Daily Star.
Another party MP, Butros Harb, blasted Hezbollah, which makes up 12 seats in the current Lebanese government coalition, for utilizing its weapons cache in order to achieve political ends.
"I reiterate our rejection of any illegitimate arms which we see as posing a danger to the state, not to Israel. They pose a danger to our national unity, institutions, security, justice and our economy,” he said according to the Star.
According to the report, supporters at the rally burned pictures of Syrian President Bashar Assad and Hezbollah flags.