Nahariya cops lose vigilante appeal

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the one year prison sentence handed down to four Nahariya police officers convicted of placing bombs in the car and home of underworld kingpin Michael Mor.
The officers – Yaniv Ashur, Yossi Levi, Rami Musa and Eldad Hadad – said the sentence was unjust and that they had had acted in self-defense, after their superiors had ignored pleas for help in the face of a campaign of intimidation by Mor against the officers, which included the throwing of a grenade and planting of explosives.
But a panel of three justices – Salim Jubran, Yoram Danzinger and Yitzhak Amit – ruled that the officers “coarsely trampled the law,” and that their actions “cannot be accepted in a law abiding, democratic country.”