Name of suspect in Gilo murder case released

The name of suspect in the murder of Sarit Zikri-Banit in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem was identified at Itzik Ederi Wednesday. He was employed in the past months as an undercover police agent used in sting operations against drug dealers.
Ederi, a Beit Shemesh resident, was convicted for murdering Sarit Zikiri-Banit, and then hiding her body on the porch of her Gilo residence. Ederi had previously been convicted for drug offenses and a series of violent acts. He served a prison sentence for assaulting his wife and causing injury. His detention has been extended by five days.
Zikri-Banit, a mother of four children, was murdered in her apartment in Gilo a few weeks ago, and her body had been reportedly hidden on the balcony under a pile of personal belongings. Her children had been present in the home five days without noticing their mother's corpse.