Nazareth motorist turns himself in following cop hit and run

A 19-year-old Nazareth man turned himself in Monday morning, hours after he was allegedly the driver in a hit and run accident that left a local police officer badly wounded.
Police said Monday that the background to the incident was criminal, and that they had ruled out a terror attack.
Early Monday morning the driver was taken to the scene of the accident, where he showed investigators how the collision took place, police added.
The incident took place just before 7:30pm, when a police officer at the junction of highways 75 and 60 waved at a motorist telling him to pull over, and was struck by the driver with great force. The driver then fled the scene and officers set up roadblocks in the area in an attempt to find him.
The police officer wounded in the accident is still hospitalized in Rambam Hospital in serious condition, police said Monday.