Netanyahu: I believe in a permanent peace

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu sought to create a strong image with his Likud party supporters on Monday, giving his last speech before he leaves to Washington for peace talks. The prime minister was particular to cast himself frame his trip in the terms of the successful peace treaty with Egypt and not the failed Oslo peace process, mentioning his famed Likud predecessor, Menahem Begin as a model to follow for negotiations.
"Likud supports real peace. Only a Likud government can bring a peace agreement that will guarantee the security of Israel forever," said Netanyahu.
"We want real agreements and arrangements that guarantee the security of the State of Israel," added Netanyahu. "We want peace with our neighbors and if possible the rest of the Arab world."
Netanyahu was made sure to tell Likud members that he was "not naive" but insisted that he thought that an agreement was possible.
He concluded his speech saying, "I hope to find a brave partner, as Sadat was to Begin."
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