New York A-G says Trump ‘opened door’ to anti-Semitic rhetoric

Eric Schneiderman , New York State’s attorney general, said Donald Trump “opened the door” to anti-Semitic rhetoric in reaction to Schneiderman’s probe into Trump’s activities.
“Deeply disappointing that @realDonaldTrump has opened the door to this type of anti-Semitic rhetoric,” Schneiderman, a Democrat, said Friday on his Twitter feed.
It linked to a New York Daily News article describing social media attacks on Schneiderman after he confirmed he was investigating the Republican presidential nominee’s charitable foundation following revelations that the foundation illegally contributed to the election campaign of the Florida attorney general.
Schneiderman is investigating whether the donation led Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to decline to investigate alleged improprieties at “Trump University,” a pricey real estate seminar run using Trump’s name and his endorsement.
Schneiderman also is investigating Trump University for fraud, and has been attacked by anti-Semites for that as well.