Ossafiya police station attacked in Druse riots

Dozens protest arrest of two Beit Jan residents; police vow to bring perpetrators to justice.

Dozens of residents of the Druse town of Ossafiya rioted outside the local police station Tuesday evening. A Molotov cocktail was hurled at the police station, which was empty at the time, damaging the building. The protesters also burned tires, and earlier, they hurled stones at a police guard post in the area, smashing its windows. The riots were over the arrest of two Beit Jan residents, who were fined for construction offenses. The two asked the Haifa District Court to be arrested rather than pay the fine, and the court subsequently issued a warrant for their arrest. Northern Police District Head Cmdr. Shimon Koren called the incidents "severe attacks on state symbols." He added that "we won't allow those extremists and lawbreakers who used the fact that police officers were not at the posts to do what they what. We'll use all the means at our disposal against these radicals and bring then to justice." Koren said police were familiar with the instigators and that arrests would be made.