PA to probe 'IDF organ harvesting'

Fayad instructs three ministers to investigate all facts surrounding Swedish newspaper allegations.

The Palestinian Authority decided on Thursday to form a commission of inquiry to look into allegations by a Swedish newspaper that Israel was killing Palestinians to harvest their organs. PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad has instructed three of his ministers to probe all the facts surrounding the alleged organ theft, said Hassan Abu Libdeh, secretary-general of the Palestinian government in the West Bank. He named the three men as Foreign Minister Riad Malki, Interior Minister Said Abu Ali and Health Minister Fathi Abu Mughli. "All options are open and our position will be sharp if it's proven that Israeli occupation has been stealing the organs of Palestinian martyrs," Abu Libdeh said. "In the wake of the results reached by this commission, the Palestinian Authority will determine its stance before moving in the international and legal arenas." Abu Libdeh accused Israel of committing "grave human rights violations" but did not elaborate.