Palestinian officials deny payment to terrorist who killed Ari Fuld

Palestinian officials in Ramallah on Thursday denied that the PA had paid any money to the family of Khalil Jabarin, the terrorist who murdered Ari Fuld in Gush Etzion earlier this week.
The officials said the reports in the Israeli media that claimed that that the PA had paid 14,000 shekels to the terrorist's family were "blatant lies."
A senior PA official claimed that the reports were in the context of Israeli "incitement" against the PA leadership and its president, Mahmoud Abbas.
Another official said that he did not rule out the possibility that Jabarin's family would be entitled in the future to financial support from the PA. "If the family applies for financial aid, we will consider it positively," the official said. "But this is a process that could take several weeks or months." He said that so far the family has not requested financial aid from the PA. ‭‮