Partner of murdered J'lem landlord: Writing was on the wall

The partner of the Jerusalem landlord who was apparently killed by her tenant in the capital's Armon Hanatziv neighborhood on Tuesday evening expressed his profound shock at the murder of "such a good and righteous" woman in an interview with Army Radio on Wednesday morning, but at the same time, said that "the writing was on the wall." "She had rented the apartment to a man who is a bit crazy, not completely sane, and she was already in the process of evicting him and bringing in other tenants," Micha Horowitz said. "But everyone knew he was insane, his father knew he was insane, and still, the police did nothing." "However, he had agreed to leave…we're all in shock." On a note of sad irony, Horowitz said that on the day of the murder, they had both discussed Friday's deadly beach beating in Tel Aviv, and that Nahamu had said, "How did we come to this, how can such a thing happen." Nevertheless, Horowitz stressed that this case "is different, because he is insane."