Peres: Israel will ensure chemical weapons not a danger

Israel will act to ensure that Syria's chemical weapons are not a danger to the Jewish state, President Shimon Peres told CNN on Monday.
"The use of chemical weapons is internationally forbidden," he said.  "What do you do when someone violates the law?  You fight against them.  You stop them." "The Syrians must be aware that what they do is against international law and endangering, here, our lives, so we shall not remain indifferent and tell them 'do what you want,'" Peres continued.
Asked when Israel would act, Peres obfuscated, saying, "I think Israel is quite experienced in discovering dangers ahead of time, and our eyes are sharp and alert and I'm sure that we shall know ahead of time."
On the topic of Syrian refugees, Peres replied with a blunt "no" when asked if Israel would help Syrians seeking refuge in Israel. "If they want to escape, they first of all have to appeal, ask for permission. None of them did it, I don't anticipate that any of them will do it," the president said.
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