Peres makes official request to Obama to release Pollard

President Shimon Peres, true to his word to Esther Pollard, the wife of Jonathan Pollard, on Monday sent an urgent personal request to US President Barack Obama in which he officially asked him to favorably consider pardoning Pollard on humanitarian grounds.
Pollard is a former Naval Intelligence analyst who has been imprisoned for almost 27 years in the United States for passing classified information to Israel.
Peres met with Esther Pollard on Sunday, and listened carefully as she outlined her husband's condition and implored Peres to use all his influence as quickly as possible to ensure that Pollard who is currently hospitalized is not sent back to prison.
To return him to prison she said, would be a death sentence.
In his missive to Obama, Peres thanked him for the great friendship that his government has shown to the State of Israel and emphasized the concern felt in Israel in general and by members of Pollard's family in particular with regard to news about his deteriorating health.
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