Peres welcomes apology to Turkey: Grudge is not policy

President Shimon Peres added his voice to the chorus of approval of the reconciliation between Israel and Turkey on Sunday. Prior to meeting for a Passover eve toast with soldiers stationed in the West Bank, Peres who was interviewed by Hurriyet, one of the largest daily newspapers in Turkey and by CNN Turk, spoke directly to the Turkish people saying that a grudge is not policy and that he was very pleased that the crisis between Israel and Turkey has been overcome.
Peres called on the Turkish people to join in breaking the ice following a three-year rift between the two nations which have such long and deep historic roots of friendship and cooperation. He looked forward to the restoration of good relations and said that both countries must work together to prevent the Iranian nuclear program from becoming a reality because it would endanger not only the Middle East but the whole world. He also spoke of the need to prevent Syria's chemical weapons from falling into the wrong hands.
The CNN interview which was due to be broadcast in two parts also included discussion on additional security matters and the peace process with the Palestinians. Peres was hopeful that negotiations towards a two state solution would resume in the near future.