Philippine troops repel Maoist rebel attack, 12 dead

MANILA - Philippine soldiers repulsed a Maoist rebel attack in a remote village on a restive southern island, killing a dozen guerrillas, in the latest incident in an upsurge of rebel activities in the last month, an army spokesman said on Monday.
A member of a local militia unit was also killed when about 100 New People's Army (NPA) rebels descended on Sunday in Agusan del Sur province on the southern island of Mindanao, Major Eugenio Osias said.
"They were foraging for food and were forcing residents to join the rebel movement. But a handful of militiamen put up a fight, engaging the guerrillas in an hour-long battle," Osias told reporters.
Troops, backed by helicopters, reinforced the militiamen, forcing the Maoist rebels to withdraw. Soldiers found at least a dozen bodies in the village.