Plan for new housing units in Ras Al-Amud to be reviewed

A plan for 30 housing units in the Ras Al-Amud neighborhood of Jerusalem was deposited for review last week, in the first step of the approval process for the newest east Jerusalem housing project for Jewish residents, Peace Now reported.
The property is located on Jericho Road where there is currently a gas station, about 50 meters from the old Judea and Samaria police station, which is currently undergoing renovations to convert the old police station into apartment buildings for the new Jewish compound of Ma'aleh David.
Ma'aleh David and the new plan are adjacent to the apartment compound of Ma'aleh Zeitim, which has 110 units where families already live. Following the plan's deposit, the public has a 60-day period to file objections.
The plan must also receive approvals from the Jerusalem municipality and Interior Ministry's local and district building committees, a process that can take years.