PM addresses Israel at Holocaust Remembrance service

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu followed President Shimon Peres' speech at the Holocaust Remembrance day service which took place at Yad Veshem by calling on Jews to live their lives as if they had experienced the Holocaust themselves.
He highlighted the importance of Israel's existence by noting that Holocaust survivors now live in the state of Israel in peace and serenity following the horrors of the Holocaust.
In front of many foreign ministers and dignitaries, Netanyahu spoke of the world's failure to act to save the Jews from the Nazi regime, but he softened the tone by noting that a few countries did try to help.
Netanyahu further added, "much can be learned from the revolution which occurred in the Warsaw ghetto, when the Jews there fought off the might of the German army for nearly 30 days, using mere pistols against tanks...these fighters forever changed the face of the 'modern Jew' reminiscent of a chapter in our history defined by valiant fighters called the 'Maccabim.'"
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