PM offers package of benefits to stave off strike

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Thursday addressed growing concerns over sharp price increases in basic goods such as water, bread and gas that have led to threats of a general strike.
Netanyahu offered a package of benefits that could help the public deal with the rising price of oil in the world that he said was the cause of the price increases.
The prime minister said that he would be lessening the price of public transportation by ten percent, decreasing the cost of water for those with an average rate of usage, raising the minimum wage for those working in the public sector and canceling the latest tax increase on gas.
Netanyahu said that these measures constitute a responsible answer for fulfilling people's social needs while maintaining a stable economy.
"We don't want to blow up the budget and end up like some European countries, such as Greece," Netanyahu said.
Netanyahu called on Histadrut Labor Federation chairman Ofer Eini to speak with him about these measures and accept them.