PM: Reality in the Middle East is moving backward

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu described reality in the Middle East as "moving backward" on Wednesday, recalling a Knesset speech earlier this year when he predicted the Arab Spring would result in an anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-democratic Islamist wave.
At the time of the Egyptian revolution, Netanyahu told the Knesset Wednesday, "I was told that I'm trying to scare people, that I'm on the wrong side of history, and that I don't understand where things are going."
"Well things are moving backward, not forward," he added, saying that he looks at reality in place of "hopes and wishes."
That moving reality, the prime minister said, is why he didn't heed calls to rush into a peace agreement with the Palestinians amid the Arab Spring, explaining that it is impossible to know who will eventually control any territory given up by Israel.
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