PM says recent regional events harsh reminder for Israel

The recent bloodbath in Syria is a reminder of the kind of ruthless neighborhood Israel finds itself in, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the opening of Sunday's cabinet meeting.
"In the last few days we have received a reminder of the kind of neighborhood we live in," Netanyahu said.  "We heard the comments by Iran's ruler about destroying Israel, we saw the Syrian Army massacre its own people, and we saw other similar bloody incident in our region," an apparent reference to last week's death of 75 people at an Egyptian soccer match.
He said various regional leaders had not moral compunctions against killing their own people or their neighbors.
"In this region the only thing ensuring [Israel's] survival, security and prosperity is our strength," Netanyahu said. "We are obligated to continue to develop Israel's military, economic and social strength. That is also the only guarantor of peace, and Israel's only defense if that peace unravels."
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