Police arrest 'medium' who duped victims with 'hotline to God'

Police on Monday arrested a 55-year-old woman from central Israel after she allegedly defrauded victims of hundreds of thousands of shekels with false promises of miraculous treatments for serious diseases and assurances of having unique access to a "hotline to God." Tel Aviv police's Fraud Division dispatched an undercover officer to request the "services" of the medium, who for the past two years advertised herself as having the mystical abilities to foretell the future, cure illnesses, cancel curses and provide a "defense against the evil eye." During her meeting with an undercover female police officer, the woman offered to sell her an amulet which she claimed contained healing powers. In reality, the amulet contained vinegar. The woman will be brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Tuesday where police will seek to extend her custody.