Poll: 83% of Israeli Jews want means-tested gov't housing

Some 83 percent of Jewish citizens believe that affordable housing benefits should be conditioned on one's salary, a poll published on Tuesday by trans-denominational religious NGO Hiddush revealed.
The stipulation that the government should provide affordable housing only to those who could prove an income was part of the socioeconomic recommendations package made last fall by the Trajteneberg Committee, a government mandated group of economic experts tasked with formulating an official response to last summer's mass social justice protests.
Housing and Construction Minister Ariel Attias and the chairman of the Knesset Economics Committee opposed that recommendation, in a move critics said was aimed at appeasing large portions of the ultra-Orthodox community which are not employed.
Still, at least 36% of the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community supported that recommendation, the Hiddush pole revealed.
In addition, some 90% of Likud members supported conditioning affordable housing on employment, 89% of Israel Beiteinu voters, and 64% of those belonging to religious parties, according to the poll.
The poll was conducted from a random pool of 500 members of the "adult Jewish population."