Prison service defends treatment of Palestinian prisoners

The Israel Police Service (IPS) defended the treatment of Palestinian prisoners after some 234 have joined a hunger strike that began on September 27 protesting the enforced isolation of 50 prisoners belonging to the Popular Front terror organization from the general prison population.
According to the IPS, the separation is fully legal and carried out according to court order. Prisoners are under daily medical supervision, and their health conditions satisfactory, the IPS added.
Prisoners that are participating in the hunger strike claim that the prison service has harmed their living conditions since Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called for tougher restrictions to be places after talks with Hamas to free kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Schalit failed.
Hunger striker released the following statement: "We protest the fact that we are being separated from general prison population."
The IPS has said it is able to deal with unexpected developments.