Public Security Minister calls sentencing of four firebombers too lenient

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan called on prosecutors to appeal the sentences of four east Jerusalem men convicted of torching a synagogue and repeated firebomb attacks, saying that the sentences were far too lenient.
Erdan’s call came after a Jerusalem district court judge sentenced four men from Isawiya in east Jerusalem to between 2.5-5 years in prison for the November 2013 arson of a synagogue in the French Hill neighborhood of Jerusalem and for 8 separate Molotov cocktail attacks.
It’s unacceptable that terrorists who torch a synagogue in French Hill in Jerusalem and threw Molotov cocktails at vehicles, gas stations, and an IDF base and a parking lot will received lenient easy sentences from between two and five years”, Erdan said.
“Those who carry out crimes like these and attempt to torch a car with tis passengers inside need to know that they will pay a serious crime and spend many years in prison,” he added.
Erdan’s statement came as Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his government are pushing for stiffer penalties against rock throwers and for loosening the rules of engagement to allow the use of live fire against rock-throwers.