Report: Dubai says it has enough to convict Mabhouh killers

Authorities in Dubai have collected sufficient evidence to convict the assassins of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, UAE news outlet Emirates 24/7 quoted Dubai officials as saying on Sunday. Dubai has blamed the January 2010 assassination of Mabhouh on Mossad agents.
According to the unconfirmed report, General Prosecutor in Deira, Yousuf Fouladh, denied reports that the case would be closed due to lack of evidence.
"There is no plan to close the case...we have collected sufficient evidence to convict those involved in the murder and execute them...this case will not be dropped,” Emirates 24/7 quoted Yousuf as telling local media.
“The UAE authorities are using all legal means locally, regionally and internationally to bring the killers to justice...the prosecution in Dubai is following up the case with all competent authorities in the UAE, including Dubai’s police and the UAE’s Interpol as evidence-gathering, searching, and investigation of all related people are still continuing,” he reportedly said, adding that the investigation involved 28 suspects, 10 of whom were directly involved in the assassination.