Report: Lebanon debates integrating Hizbullah into army

Hizbullah forces should submit themselves to Lebanese army command, Lebanese Forces party chief Samir Geagea proposed yesterday during high level defense strategy talks between Beirut officials, Lebanese media reported on Friday. His proposal was positioned as a way to solve the problem of Hizbullah's large-scale possession of weaponry even though it is a non-state actor.
Geagea's proposal also included a plan to reinforce the Lebanese Armed Forces deployment in South Lebanon with 3000-4000 special forces troops, who might be disguised in civilian dress and dispersed in urban areas throughout the region bordering Israel.
The head of the pro-Hizbullah party Loyalty to Resistance MP Mohammed Raad rejected Geagea's proposal out of hand as an attempt to marginalize Hizbullah's power base.
"The aim of Geagea's proposal is not to defend Lebanon, but rather to get rid of Hizbullah and its arms," Raad was quoted by Lebanese newspaper An Nahar as saying