Report: Syrian rebels take two buffer zone towns

Syrian rebels have seized control over two towns in the buffer zone with Israel, the Daily Telegraph reported late on Tuesday.
According to the report, which cites an Israeli military intelligence source from northern command, 200 or more rebels took control of Be’er Ajam and Bariqa, just North of the Golan Heights.
Earlier in the month, the Syrian military caused a stir when three of its tanks entered Be’er Ajam, prompting Israel to raise its alert levels and complain to the United Nations.
"The rebels are employing a clear tactic of drawing the regime forces to fight in these demilitarized areas because of the limitations on the Syrian armed forces," the Telegraph quoted the Israeli source as saying. "Rebels have seized control of the area north of Quneitra and the area to its south. If they are brave they will try to make a swift move to cut off Quenetra city and cut off the road to Damascus. We cannot rule that out as a next step."
According to the Telegraph, the fighters include al-Qaida militants from Iraq.