Residents: Firefighters took hours to arrive at J'lem blaze

Residents of Maoz Zion Bet are furious with the firefighting services who responded to a blaze that erupted in the Jerusalem area Sunday. Residents said that it took firefighters more than two hours to respond to the fire, and by that time the fire had raced up from the Wadi to their homes.
Damage was caused to a number of homes, and many of the houses lost electricity and water, and have no gas because their balloons exploded. Mali Ben Yehuda, who lives in Maoz Zion Bet, said her father and brother started putting out the fire with the hose from the house because it took so long for the firefighters to arrive. She said that arsonists sparked a fire Saturday,  and she thinks that fire was not adequately extinguished and that it reignited Sunday.
In response to the fact that two Palestinians were arrested for setting a fire in Motza weeks ago, she said "it could be that this is the new form of terror attack. It's so hot and dry, they think: Who will blame us."
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