Rutgers student group holds Gaza flotilla fundraiser

A student group at New Jersey's Rutgers University has planned a Thursday-night fund raiser in support of a blockade-busting flotilla to Gaza.
The event, which features a halal buffet, is being held by the campus organization BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice. The dinner and speakers are advertised as in support of "US To Gaza," which plans to sponsor a boat in a flotilla to break Israel's blockade of Gaza, the New Jersey newspaper The Record reported.
Baka is using student activity fees to sponsor the event, according to The Record.
The New Jersey regional office of the Anti-Defamation League reportedly has contacted the university in protest of the event. The Rutgers Hillel has also reportedly opposed the event.
According to The Record, the university will allow the event to take place, but it has not been determined where the proceeds will be donated. The university is currently looking into whether the groups that make up "US to Gaza" are considered tax-exempt by the IRS and able to receive donations.