Shalom: Morsi harsher on Hamas than previous regime

Defying expectations, the current regime in Egypt has acted more harshly against Hamas than the previous one, Vice Premier Silvan Shalom told Israel Radio on Thursday.
"It's good for the public to know that the current leadership is acting against Hamas in a very tough way," Shalom said, specifying that it is destroying tunnels "one after the other," limiting movement and blocking it from carrying out terrorist activity from Egyptian territory.
"I can tell you that Egypt's actions against Hamas are much harsher than it was under the previous regime," Shalom said.
According to Shalom, Hamas thought it would have more freedom to operate from Egypt under the leadership of President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement that spawned Hamas. Instead, Shalom said, Hamas "finds itself excactly in the opposite situation."
"The security cooperation between us and Egypt is excellent, and is continuing as normal," he concluded.