Shin Bet: Abbas working to deescalate situation in West Bank

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a Security Cabinet meeting Sunday afternoon, receiving a general assessment of the overall security picture Israel is facing in light of the recent escalation in terrorist violence throughout the Jewish state and West Bank over the last several days.
During the briefing, a representative from the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) told the prime minister that Hamas was the main instigator responsible for stoking violence throughout the country. The Shin Bet official also noted that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was working to deescalate the violence emanating from the West Bank.
The representative added, however, that there were elements within the Fatah party that were working to incite and inflame tensions.
In response, Netanyahu said that changes pertaining to security policy would lead to results on the ground and a decrease in terrorist attacks. 
"We are working to change policies in all areas: operational, legal and more, " Netayahu said.
Israel intends to provide "full backing to Israel Police personnel and soldiers who do an excellent job protecting the citizens of Israel," the prime minister added.
The Security Cabinet briefing noted at its conclusion that most of the terrorist attacks were conducted by "lone wolf" perpetrators and do not belong to a terrorist organization or structured entity.