Sons of Yemeni Jew killed by Muslim head to Israel

A prominent leader of Yemen's Jewish community said on Tuesday that two sons of a Yemeni Jew who was killed by a Muslim have left the country to resettle in Israel. Yahya Yaish al-Qedeimi said that Moshe Nahari's sons left Yemen on Tuesday to escape harassment and threats against the country's small Jewish community. Al-Qedeimi, the head of the Jewish community in Omran province, where most of Yemen's roughly 400 Jews live, told The Associated Press that the hostile environment would eventually force all of them to emigrate to Israel. Nahari was gunned down in December by Abdel Aziz al-Abdi, who was eventually sentenced to death for the murder. Al-Abdi admitted to the crime and told the court he had warned other Jews to convert to Islam or be killed.