Sources: Two killed in Cairo blast on anniversary of Morsi ouster

CAIRO - Two men were killed in a bomb blast in Cairo on Thursday, security sources said, one of several explosions on the anniversary of the army's removal of Egypt's elected Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.
The explosion occurred in a flat in Kerdasa, a western district of the capital, where around 10 policemen were killed in an Islamist mob attack last summer, the security sources said.
Another explosive device detonated on Thursday in a car near the Abbasiya presidential palace in northeastern Cairo and three home-made bombs went off near police cars in the central district of Imbaba without causing injuries, the sources added.
There were no immediate claims of responsibility.
Security was tight in Cairo as armored personnel carriers blocked off the city's central Tahrir Square, one year after former army chief and now-President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi deposed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.