State indicts police intelligence officer for bribery

The Police Investigations Department on Wednesday filed an indictment with the Haifa District Court against police intelligence officer Ahron Kadosh for bribery, breach of trust, abuse of his public powers and obstruction of justice.
Kadosh, 50 from Acre, was an intelligence officer in the Zevulun Police Station.
According to the indictment, from 2004-2014, Kadosh had complete access to police computer databases and human intelligence sources.
He bartered portions of that information and a promise to avoid enforcement on various criminals, or to pre-warn them of an operation to arrest them, in exchange for tens of thousands of shekels as well as free sexual services.
Sometimes, Kadosh even falsely told the criminals that he had helped them avoid police enforcement actions which were not even happening.
In one instance, Kadosh received several thousand shekels from a gambling establishment for various kinds of protection.
He also reviewed police files for private information of third parties which he would provide to people close to him, though providing the information was not related to performing his duties and violated those third parties’ privacy rights.
A related indictment was filed by the state against Igor Friedman, 54, for giving bribes and working as a pimp for prostitutes.
Friedman is accused of giving Kadosh NIS 25,000 for immunity from police interference in his prostitution ring.
He is also accused of providing Kadosh with prostitution services through his ring starting in 2007.