Suspect charged with rape, possession of pedophilic videos of minors

Jack Ravivo from Kiryat Ata was indicted by the Haifa District Court for raping a 7-year-old minor and for the possession of pedophilic videos of minors, according to a report on Wednesday by The Jerusalem Post's sister paper, Maariv.
The indictment letter accused Ravivo of asking the girl who passed by his building to  "accompany him to the warehouse he owned," where he then raped her.  

After searching his home, evidence was found of obscene publications, displaying sexual images of minors between the ages of 3-14.
"Some of the obscene publications, were held by the defendant during the period in a box in the warehouse, on no less than 67 CDs, including no less than 185 videos. This, in addition to another 30 on additional CDs that were in the warehouse, and 31 videos on an on-key disc that were in his home," the letter said. 
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