Syrian forces kill 4 protesters after Ramadan prayers

AMMAN - Syrian forces shot dead four protesters near Damascus and in southern Syria following nightly Ramadan prayers on Thursday when they fired at demonstrations demanding the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar Assad, activists' organizations said.
Abdullah Abazeid, a member for the Syrian Revolution Coordinating Committees, said three protesters were killed and at least ten wounded in the town of Nawa near Deraa, cradle of the five-month uprising against 41 years of Assad family rule.
"Demonstrations have been breaking out daily after 'tarawih' (prayers following the nightly breaking of fasting during the Islamic month of Ramadan) in Deraa and the surrounding towns," Abazeid told Reuters.
The Local Coordination Committees, another activists' organization, said another protester was killed in the Damascus suburb of Qadam when four buses full of security police surrounded a demonstration there and fired at the crowd.