Syrian Free Army General: Mossad has many agents in Syria

Chief of Staff of the Free Syrian Army told CNN on Tuesday that Israel could have information about the use of chemical weapons in Syria because the Mossad had a significant presence inside Syria. "Many many" members of Israel's security services were operating inside Syria, Idriss said.
Idriss made his assertion about Israeli secret service activity in Syria after CNN host Christiane Amanpour recounted the statement of Israeli Brig.-Gen. Itai Baron, head of the Research Division at Military Intelligence who said earlier this week that the Syrian regime had used chemical weapons.
Idriss also told CNN that the Free Syrian Army could confirm the use of chemical weapons in Syria based on soil and blood samples and the observation of the injured by doctors. The General said that the samples were given to observers for testing but Idriss would not name who these observers were. 
Idriss denied that the Syrian opposition had used chemical weapons.