Syrian opposition: 31 killed in Syria, most in Deir ez Zor

Syrian opposition groups said that at least 31 people were shot dead by Syrian government forces in cities and towns across the country Thursday, Al Jazeera reported.
13 of the deaths occurred in the northeastern city of Deir ez-Zor. A Syrian confederation of opposition groups said an additional six died in Homs, including one woman, six in Deraa, four in the Damascus area, including one soldier, and one in Idlib and coastal Latakia.
Gunshots were heard as activists took to the streets in Damascus to "greet Arab [League] observers," Al Jazeera reported.
Three people were gunned down in that protest in the embattled nation's capital, and an unidentified number were injured, according to the report.
Earlier this month, 44 people were killed in the bloodiest single attack to hit Damascus, just as Arab monitors arrived in the country.
Syrian President Bashar Assad blamed the bombing on terrorists linked to al-Qaida plotting his overthrow. Some opposition groups said the Assad government staged the bombing itself to undermine their efforts as the conflict between pro- and anti-government elements approaches the year mark.
Foreign journalists are generally barred from entry to Syria, so the information in this report cannot be independently verified by The Jerusalem Post.
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