TA: Clashes at anti-African migrant demonstration

Right- and left-wing activists clashed in south Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Channel 2 news reported, as hundreds of people gathered to demonstrate for the deportation of the large population of African migrants living in the country.
Right-wing activists along with local residents gathered to demonstrate for the deportation of African migrant at the Central Bus Station, which sits near the flashpoint Hatikva neighborhood where a violent protest last week resulted in vandalism, arrests and damaged property.
Protesters carried signs that read "return the Sudanese to Sudan" and chanted "deport the Sudanese."
Demonstrators planned to march from the seven-story bus station - a mammoth building housing a number of bars, restaurants and shops catering the areas migrant population - to the Shapira neighborhood that is located further south.
Dozens of police officers were dispatched to the area to maintain order, especially in light of last weeks tense demonstrations.