TA: Man who set himself on fire blamed, PM, Steinitz

The social justice protester who set himself on fire on Tel Aviv's Kaplan Street on Saturday night during a rally handed out copies of a letter in which he blamed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Yuval  for his major economic hardships.
Describing them as villains, the man, from Haifa, said he received no assistance in rent despite suffering a recent stroke and was no longer able to work at all. He went on to name officials at the Housing Ministry and Social Insurance department who he says made his life impossible. Eventually, the letter said, he received 2300 shekels a month in disability benefits, from which he must pay health insurance and buy medicines.
"I have no money for medicine or rent... I served in the army, and until the age of 46 I served in the reserves," the letter said. "I will not be homeless, that's why I'm protesting against all the injustices done to me and those like me by the state.
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