Three new members join Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Three new members join I

Three eminent scientists, Prof. Oded Abramsky, Prof. Yossi Loya and Prof. Avraham Nitzan, will be added as new members to the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities at a ceremony on Tuesday, bringing the total complement to 99 men and women. The academy - the government's official adviser on science and promote of scientific research, is now marking its 50th anniversary. Abramsky, the longtime neurologist at the Hadassah University Medical Center and now head of the Israel Council for Scientific Research and Development, is an expert in autoimmune brain diseases. Loya, born in Bulgaria, graduated from Tel Aviv University an is an expert in ecology and evolution. Nitzan studied chemistry at the Hebrew University and teaches at Tel Aviv University. All three have won many prizes in their fields.