Tripoli protesters block jet from taking off

TRIPOLI - About 100 Libyans surrounded a Tunisian passenger aircraft at one of the capital's airports on Saturday, delaying its takeoff in a protest at the government.
Witnesses told Reuters that about a dozen cars drove out on to the tarmac at Tripoli's Mitiga airport and blocked a Tunisair Airbus 300-20 jet, with passengers on board, from moving.
The incident was the latest sign of lawlessness in Libya, where the interim authority in power since Muammar Gaddafi was ousted, the National Transitional Council (NTC), is struggling to control disparate local interests, many of them backed by armed militias.
The protesters were from the Souq al-Juma district of Tripoli, a stronghold of anti-Gaddafi sentiment during the uprising against his rule.
They said they wanted the Libyan government to open an investigation into a clash last week in which several members of the Souq al-Juma militia were killed.
The clash happened in Bani Walid, a town southeast of Tripoli which was a pro-Gaddafi bastion and one of the last places to submit to the new Libyan leadership.