Truce agreed between rival militias in Libya

TRIPOLI - Four days of fighting between militias from Libya's coastal city of Zawiyah and members of the Wershifanna tribe have ended after a truce was agreed, according to fighters on both sides.
Fighting had erupted on Thursday after a row over a military base, a key component of defences under Muammar Gaddafi, along the main highway from Tripoli to Tunisia.
Libyan officials and diplomats say they are concerned at the way local disputes have flared in the heavily armed vacuum left by Gaddafi, and say some groups among those towns which rebelled early against the old order appear to be bandying accusations of pro-Gaddafi sympathies among neighboring groups in order to further their interests in long-standing local feuds.
"The fighting has stopped and brigades from Tripoli have come to maintain the peace," a fighter from Zawiyah said on Monday.